About Us

Located amidst the Sal (Sorea Robusta) forest towards the west of Chitwan National Park and by the side of Nepal’s deepest river Narayani a part of the important lowland Terai arc, Godar is an exotic place with majority of indigenous Tharu community. One of the largest groups of people living in the Terai is identified by one generic term ‘Tharu’. Tharus live throughout the length of Terai, with a slightly heavier concentration in the middle and west. In fact, the settlement of Tharu does not terminate at Nepal’s western border, they extend well beyond to the northern part of Uttar Pradesh State in India.


Our mission is to empower local community to provide unique cultural experience to our guests leading to a sustainable hospitality business. We are committed to preserve and promote environment and cultural heritage.


We envision to establish ourselves as one of the leading cultural tourism industry of the country.


The business has the following aims and objectives

  • Empower local community and assist them to improve their livelihood.

  • Make strong attempt to preserve and promote environment and cultural heritage.

  • Ensure sustainability of the organization through high quality service and fair distribution of returns among the community members and shareholders.