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Volunteering and Internship Programs

Community based enterprises provide an unique opportunity to immerse in local culture, experience local lifestyle, engage with community members, community mobilization and much more. We offer distinct volunteering opportunities to college/ university students, trainees and individuals from different background on different community related issues. We not only believe in women empowerment but also bring them in to practice in all of the possible activities offered by us. 

Why community based enterprises?

  • Community Based Enterprises (CBE) have a rich connection with the community, understand the issues of community very well and have the required networking to facilitate different community related programs. 
  • CBEs are resourceful and have the required community mobilization skills.
  • Community members have a sense of ownership towards the programs offered and/or facilitated by CBEs. 

Our Thematic Areas 

How we do it?

  • We connect students with community organisations that offer work experiences in a wide range of areas and across disciplines.
  • We orient students with community issues and expectations in order to maximise information exchange, reinforcement of cultural values and development of genuine relationships.
  • We identify and match students’ skill sets that would be an asset to the community, we match interests, values and appropriate skills in order to achieve the most desirable outcomes.
  • We ensure a local supervisor is present to monitor the students’ activities and general welfare throughout the program duration.