Jeep Safari: Drive through the lush tropical forests of Chitwan National park and enjoy the sighting of some of the magnificent wild animals including the Royal Bengal Tiger, One Horned Rhinoceros, Sloth Bear, Leopards and more than fifty other mammals. Enjoy the untouched native Sal (Shorea Robusta) forest with more than Five hundred species of birds.

Cycling: Enjoy our guided cycling trip alongside the village. Observe the traditional way of life of local Tharu people here in Godar. An opportunity to  explore and appreciate local culture, festivals, lifestyle practices and much more.

Sundowner: Relax your back by the side of the wide Narayani river and enjoy the exotic panoramic view of setting sun over the horizon. A gin and tonic could be nice drink to have for a hot day. A much deserving activity for the evening.
Tharu Cultural Dinner: Treat yourself with local cuisine and enjoy the indigenous cultural dance performed by the local Tharu community. Throw yourself on to the beats of drums, rhytms of claps and stick taps. A truly blissful dinner!
Canoe ride: A great opportunity to appreciate and explore the nearby Narayani river and yet another exciting way of spotting wildlife and riverside birds. Feel the breeze of the calm Narayani river through the smooth ride over the water.
Agriculture: Unleash your farming skills on our organic farming plot. Learn the local indigenous way of farming and share your skills with the community. Be a part of volunteering mission and contribute for the upliftment of the marginalized community and enhance your skills.
Yoga and Meditation: Reach your inner self and explore the unexplored regions of your consciousness as our Gurus will guide you to different meditation techniques. An open meditation space is available inside our property.

Souvenir Shop: Do you fancy gifts for your friends and relatives? Why not buy them from the locals? Attractive handicrafts and decorative items made by the local Tharu women represent the indigenous culture and could go very well on your table or shelves back home.  An initiative for women empowerment through responsible tourism.


Tharu Cultural Activities: If you are an explorer, you enjoy new cultures and want to experience the “local way of life” here in Godar, then our community has a range of activities that you may find interesting.


The following are the lists of activities that our community offers:

  • Tharu Village walk

  • Cooking

  • Fishing

  • Tharu House Decoration (Painting)

  • Palm Henna Tattooing (Temporary)

  • Attending Tharu Marriage and Festivals