welcome to Tharu Community Lodge

Namaste and welcome to Tharu Community Lodge – a community business owned by the women and for the women. 

The aspiration of Tharu Community Lodge is to empower the local Tharu women, while some are house wife or taking care for the family and childrens, Tharu women have generally been surrounded the domestic sphere; performing tasks such as cooking, cleaning, childcare, and semi-subsistence farming. As a result, these women have been largely unable to engage in income generating activities, and have had to rely on their husbands for money and support. Tharu Community Lodge aims to loosen this financial dependency through providing Tharu women with a stable income and same time preserving the cultural values and tradition through sustainable project.

This goal of self-sufficiency, along with the process through which we are attaining it, provides the women of the Community Lodge with a sense of ownership and importance while building their capacity as decision-makers. This is with the ultimate goal of empowering the local women. They are all striving to improve their confidence and communication skills, but they are still learning. Please be patient with them and reassure them that it is okay to make mistakes. You will find the women to be very gentle natured and shy at times, so this understanding environment is crucial to facilitate their learning and development.

The Tharus are probably among the oldest groups to inhabit the Terai. They usually live very close to the heavily forested regions. A great number of villages are still found in small clearing in the middle of the forest itself. Most of the large compact Tharu settlements are found in tropical area with animals like Elephants, Rhinoceros, Bears, Deer and Tigers.

"Where your heart meets our culture"